Donald L. Hopkins

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Xylella fastidiosa (X. fastidiosa) infects a wide range of plant hosts and causes economically serious diseases, including Pierce's Disease (PD) of grapevines. X. fastidiosa biocontrol strain EB92-1 was isolated from elderberry and is infectious and persistent in grapevines but causes only very slight symptoms under ideal conditions. The draft genome of(More)
Chimpanzees are proficient tool users and have been shown to use properties of weight and length to select effective tools. Researchers have, however, neglected to investigate whether chimpanzees utilize other tool properties. This study investigated whether chimpanzees use other properties to choose effective tools, how feedback influences their ability to(More)
Pierce’s disease (PD) caused by Xylella fastidiosa prevents cultivation of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) and susceptible hybrids in the southeastern United States and poses a major threat to the grape industry of California and Texas. Genetic resistance is the only proven control of X. fastidiosa. Genetic engineering offers an alternative to heretofore(More)
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