Donald L. Byrkett

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A much needed master's level graduate degree program in systems analysis has been designed and proposed for implementation at Miami University. There are many graduate curricula that emphasize information systems, computer science, or operations research; but our proposal is unique in its attempt to combine these varied, yet related, disciplines. This paper(More)
Although the literature abounds with inventory models developed for almost every conceivable set of circumstances, when it comes time to develop an inventory system for a particular application, none of the literature models seem to fit exactly. This requires the analyst to do one or both of the following: a) Modify an existing model to fit the given(More)
The chi-square goodness of fit test and other statistical tests for comparing observed data with a theoretical distribution are not well supported by the popular statistical analysis packages such as SAS, SPSS, BMDP, and MINITAB. To overcome this limitation, the author has written a PC based program to support goodness of fit testing and has used it in his(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe an innovative approach for administering student projects in a simulation course. Using this approach, the instructor plays the role of a decision maker with a problem for the class to study. This approach provides the class with a nearly realistic project experience and overcomes many of the administrative(More)
Simulation projects provide a useful way to tie together the expected learning outcomes in a simulation class. Designing a good project is a challenging task and simulation instructors are always on the lookout for interesting ideas. This paper provides simulation instructors with two interesting simulation applications, a supply chain project and a web(More)
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