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Because central venous O2 saturation (superior vena cava, ScvO2) can be monitored with less patient risk than mixed venous O2 saturation (pulmonary artery, SvO2), we examined the correlations between SvO2 and ScvO2 over a broad range of cardiorespiratory conditions, including hypoxia, hemorrhage, and resuscitation in anesthetized dogs. The correlation(More)
BACKGROUND Lower habitual physical activity and poor cardiorespiratory fitness are common features of the metabolically abnormal obese (MAO) phenotype that contribute to increased cardiovascular disease risk. The aims of the present study were to determine 1) whether community-based exercise training transitions MAO adults to metabolically healthy, and 2)(More)
OBJECTIVE To make clinically relevant recommendations for electrocardiogram (ECG) testing among psychiatric patients, the study examined the practice of ordering ECGs for this population. METHODS The records of 4,045 patients consecutively admitted for psychiatric care to seven community teaching hospitals over one year were examined. The frequency of ECG(More)
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