Donald Judge

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The presence of a hypothalamic hamartoma and precocious puberty in a 19-month-old boy provided an opportunity to study their relation. Excised tissue had the ultrastructural characteristics of an independent neuroendocrine unit -- i.e., neurons containing neurosecretory granules and blood vessels with fenestrated endothelium and double basement membranes.(More)
A case of Ewing's Sarcoma originating the great toe is reported. Because of the rarity of its appearance outside the pelvis and long tubular bones, Ewing's Sarcoma is often misdiagnosed when it occurs in the distal portion of the extremities. Ewing's Sarcoma may be difficult to distinguish from infection. Biopsy is recommended for any indolent or refractory(More)
Nineteen grivet monkeys, Cercopithecus aethiops, were infected with the spirochete of louse-borne relapsing fever, Borrelia recurrentis, and killed at various intervals following inoculation: 4 during the initial spirochetemia; 4 during remission; 3 during relapse; 2 that were dying following severe relapses; and 6 during convalescence. The histologic(More)
This paper presents research at BT Labs in intelligent workflow management technologies. We summarise the results of past research, and then describe recent work where we applied range of AI technologies to workflow management systems. In particular, we discuss how we are currently using • Machine learning (specifically support vector machines and time(More)
Two patients with pituitary adenomas, partial hypopituitarism and abnormally high serum concentrations of FSH are described. In neither patient was FSH increased after the administration of LH releasing hormone and in one patient tested, there was no FSH response to clomiphene citrate. The decrease in serum FSH in response to high concentrations of(More)
Nasal neuroblastoma, esthesioneuroblastoma, is frequently difficult to distinguish from the more common poorly differentiated epidermoid carcinoma of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx. We present a simple alternate method to electron microscopy, formaldehyde-fume-induced fluorescence, to demonstrate biogenic amine granules in neoplastic cells. This method is(More)