Donald J. Turton

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Positron emission tomography (PET) and 11C-raclopride were used to measure the occupancy of central dopamine D2 receptors by a new neuroleptic, CP-88,059-1. In a double blind dose escalation study, seven healthy male subjects received a predose of between 2 mg and 60 mg CP-88,059-1, 5 h before PET scanning. One additional subject was assigned to placebo(More)
Shortleufpine (Pinus echinata Mill.) is the most ecologically and economically important tree species in the Ouachita Highlands of the southcentral United States. Thi.s species can occur in relatively pure stands but nwstfrequently exists in mixed stands with various hardwood species. Because of the diversity ofland ownership, public concernsaboutforrst(More)
A modification of the GLEAMS model was used to determine application windows which would optimise efficacy and environmental safety for herbicide application to a forest site. Herbicide/soil partition coefticients were determined using soil samples collected from the study site for two herbicides (imazapyr, K,=46, triclopyr ester,
Rainfall partitioning and redistribution by canopies are important ecohydrological processes underlying ecosystem dynamics. We quantified and contrasted spatial and temporal variations of rainfall redistribution for a juniper (Juniperus virginiana, redcedar) woodland and a tallgrass prairie in the south-central Great Plains, USA. Our results showed that(More)
The history of watershed research in the Interior Highlands can be divided into four periods: While each of these periods was marked by different societal concerns and scientific questions, experimental forests played a central role in accomplishing watershed research during all of these periods. Unlike other regions of the country, there was no dominating(More)
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