Donald J. Noakes

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Pacific salmon abundance along the West Coast of Canada has been in sharp decline since the early 1990s. Declines have been most severe for coho and chinook salmon despite large additions of hatchery-reared fry and smolts. There is particular concern for populations of wild coho because, in addition to low abundance, up to 80% of the juvenile coho in the(More)
Anderson, P.J., Blackburn, J.E., and Johnson, B.A. 1997. Declines of forage species in the Gulf of Alaska, 1972-1995, as an indicator of regime shift. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Role of Forage Fishes in Marine Ecosystems. University of Alaska Sea Grant AK-SG-97-01, Fairbanks, pp. 531-544. Ariyame, H. 1993. Growth of swimming crabs(More)
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