Donald J. Lyman

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FTIR-ATR was used to study the effect of roasting conditions on the flavor of brewed coffee using Guatemala Antigua coffee beans. The 1800-1680 cm(-1) carbonyl region for vinyl esters/lactones, esters, aldehydes, ketones, and acids was found to provide a flavor-print of the brewed coffee. A study of light, medium, and dark roasts indicated that when the(More)
Small-diameter vascular graft failure by intimal hyperplasia and thrombosis may result from flow disturbances and disruption of chemical transport in the fluid at the distal anastomosis, because of compliance mismatch between the graft and host artery. In previous studies, lower-than-normal wall shear stress (WSS), particle trapping, and high particle(More)
A new solid-wall vascular graft which has a compliance approximating that of the natural artery has been prepared from a copolyether-urethane material. Six of nine of these compliant grafts implanted in dogs were patent on removal, the longest implant time being 77 days for a 4-mm I.D. femoral artery graft. This is in contrast to noncompliant grafts of the(More)
A comparative study of Fourier transform infrared attenuated total reflection (FTIR-ATR) spectra of 32 scalp and pubic hair samples from individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and those who were negative for breast cancer showed increases in the beta-sheet/disorder structures (relative to alpha-helix structures) and C-H lipid content of hair from breast(More)
Changes in the Synchrotron x-ray diffraction pattern of scalp hair were shown to occur in patients with breast cancer. A preliminary Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy study of scalp hair using attenuated total reflection (ATR) supported the concept that these changes are due to an increase in the lipid content of the hair fibre. This study was(More)
Attempts have been made to correlate small-diameter vascular graft patency with compliance matching between the graft and the host artery. Without knowledge about the mechanisms of failure by compliance mismatch, however, such correlations remain empirical. We have developed a flow system which mimics the flow in peripheral arteries and techniques to model(More)
Adsorption of bovine albumin, gamma-globulin and fibrinogen from phosphate buffer solution (pH = 7.5) onto several polymer films was studied using the radioiodinated proteins (125I). The kinetics of desorption of the proteinated polymer films in bovine plasma was determined. Contact angle measurements on these same polymers allowed the calculation of(More)