Donald J. Harvey

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Inventory of the caterpillars, their food plants and parasitoids began in 1978 for today's Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), in northwestern Costa Rica. This complex mosaic of 120 000 ha of conserved and regenerating dry, cloud and rain forest over 0-2000 m elevation contains at least 10 000 species of non-leaf-mining caterpillars used by more than(More)
A fully resolved cladogram for 19 species in the Charis cleonus group of riodinid butterflies, which have closely parapatric ranges throughout the Amazon basin, is used to derive an area cladogram for the region. This represents the first comprehensive species-level analysis using insects and results in a hypothesis of Amazonian area relationships that is(More)
We describe a new species of extinct riodinid butterfly, Voltinia dramba, from Oligo-Miocene Dominican amber (15-25 Myr ago). This appears to be the first butterfly to be taxonomically described from amber, and the first adult riodinid fossil. The series of five specimens represents probably the best-preserved fossil record for any lepidopteran. The(More)
We report collision cross sections (CCS) of high-mannose N-glycans as [M + Na](+), [M + K](+), [M + H](+), [M + Cl](-), [M + H2PO4](-) and [M - H](-) ions, measured by drift tube (DT) ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS) in helium and nitrogen gases. Further analysis using traveling wave (TW) IM-MS reveal the existence of distinct conformers exclusive to(More)
A new nymphalid species in the subtribe Euptychiina, Euptychia roraima Nakahara, Fratello & Harvey n. sp., is described from Mount Roraima, Guyana. Both internal and external morphology of E. roraima are compared against several Euptychia species and the relationship between E. roraima and congeners is briefly discussed. A strong case is put forth for(More)
A simple device for field sampling and concentration of analytes for subsequent introduction into an injection port for gas chromatographic (GC) analysis has been developed. It consists of a tiny, coiled platinum wire filament (CWF) that is attached to a retractable plunger wire, which fits inside a syringe needle housing. Sampling is accomplished by(More)
A new species of Euptychia Hübner, 1818, from the Amazon basin and the extreme southern edge of the Guianas, E. alacristata sp. nov., is described and compared to its congeners, from which it differs in genitalia, wing shape, and the presence of an androconial hair pencil on the dorsal hindwing.
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