Donald J. Crampton

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We used a multiplexed approach based on flow-stretched DNA to monitor the enzymatic digestion of lambda-phage DNA by individual bacteriophage lambda exonuclease molecules. Statistical analyses of multiple single-molecule trajectories observed simultaneously reveal that the catalytic rate is dependent on the local base content of the substrate DNA. By(More)
molecules decreases, there is a corresponding increase in the number of folded molecules (Fig. 2A), and eventually the distribution converges to its equilibrium form at the final concentration of denaturant. The positions of the peaks, however, remain constant , indicating that the average end-to-end distances of the molecules in the subpopula-tions do not(More)
An open reading frame from Arabidopsis thaliana, which is highly homologous to the human mitochondrial DNA helicase TWINKLE, was previously cloned, expressed, and shown to have DNA primase and DNA helicase activity. The level of DNA primase activity of this Arabidopsis Twinkle homolog (ATH) was low, perhaps due to an incomplete zinc binding domain (ZBD). In(More)
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