Donald J Craig

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First-order rate constants have been determined for the decarboxylative Claisen rearrangement reactions at 293 K of substituted methyl (E)-3-phenyl-2-propenyl 2-tosylmalonate esters, which show a linear free-energy relationship indicative of the development of positive charge on the benzylic position in the sigmatropic rearrangement transition-state.
Equilibrating mixtures of allylic azide-containing allylic alcohols or allylic 2-tolylsulfonylacetic esters undergo Johnson-Claisen or Ireland-Claisen rearrangement reactions to give unsaturated γ-azidoesters and -acids, respectively. Decarboxylation of the acids under basic conditions gives azidosulfones, with moderate to high diastereoselectivity.
A 3D metal-organic framework, [Na{Mn(3)(Hbtc)(2)(btc)}.5H(2)O](n) () (H(3)btc = 1,3,5-benzene tricarboxylic acid), was synthesized under hydrothermal conditions. The structure of was established by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis; crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P2/c, a = 9.753(3) A, b = 12.751(2) A, c = 14.174(4) A, beta = 109.41(1)(More)
A large Hutterite kindred was examined for possible linkage between the chromosome 3 markers; cholinesterase (CHE1), transferrin (TF), and alpha-2HS glycoprotein (AHSG). Linkage between TF and AHSG was suggested in males (z = 1.515, theta = 0.08) and between CHE1 and TF(z = 0.661, theta = 0.21). However, linkage between CHE1 and AHSG in males was not(More)