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BACKGROUND Data on the possible association between depressive disorders and inflammatory markers are scarce and inconsistent. We investigated whether subjects with depressive mood had higher levels of a wide range of inflammatory markers involved in coronary heart disease (CHD) incidence and examined the contribution of these inflammatory markers and(More)
The school-based behavioural adjustment at 7-8 years of a cohort of 243 prematurely born, very low birthweight (< 1501 g) children and their normal birthweight controls is reported. The findings indicate that the children born preterm (both male and female) were rated by their teachers as expressing more behaviour problems than their controls, and were less(More)
Whether very-low birthweight (VLBW less than or equal to 1500 gm) children differ from normal birthweight (NBW greater than 2500 gm) children with respect to social (as opposed to intellectual) competence has been a relatively neglected issue. The social competence at school age of 183 VLBW children was therefore compared with that of 183 NBW children born(More)
Using a double-blind cross-over design, the effect of methylphenidate on the performance of 23 hyperactive children on four tasks measuring different aspects of attention was investigated. While receiving methylphenidate the hyperactive children showed a significant improvement in all aspects of their performance which had, in comparison to a control group(More)
Examined the behavioral adjustment at school age of 26 children with surgically treated complex congenital heart disease compared to that of 26 children who had been diagnosed as having an innocent murmur. The children with complex heart disease were rated by their parents as more withdrawn, having more social problems, and engaging in fewer activities, and(More)
Anxiety is commonly experienced by patients following myocardial infarction. The role of anxiety in the recovery/rehabilitation process is not well understood, but anxiety is thought to be one of the factors determining outcome. It is important, therefore, to understand the possible effects on anxiety of changing discharge policies in coronary care units.(More)
BACKGROUND France has a substantially lower level of premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) relative to its comparators. Compared with Northern Ireland, France has one-half the rate, despite having a similar cardiovascular risk profile to Northern Ireland. In this prospective longitudinal study the psychosocial risk hypothesis for CVD was(More)