Donald H. Dinkel

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Solanum tuberosum Group Tuberosum plants grown in a non-nutritive media exhibit a shoot inhibition which follows the normal tuber bud dormancy. The shoot inhibition is characterized by very slow growth of the aerial portion of the plant with little leaf development. An external source of nitrogen, either nitrate-N or ammonium-N, applied to the roots of(More)
1. Ashby, S. F. 1905-06. A contribution to the study of factors affecting the quality and composition of potatoes. J. Agr. Sci. 1: 347-57. 2. Baldwin, I ra L.. Noble Clark and Nieman Hoveland. 1947. Darkening of cooked potatoes can be reduced. Wis. Agr. Sta. Bull. 471, pt. I, 37-38: C. A. 41: 6351e (1947). 3. Bandemer, S. L., P. J. Schaible and E. J.(More)
Limnanthes is a potential seed oil source of long chain fatty acids. Agronomic evaluations in Alaska, California, Maryland, and Oregon indicate that theL. alba group has the best crop potential because of superior seed retention and erect growth habit. Experimental seed yields of 1700 kg/ha or more indicate that economically feasible yields on a commercial(More)
A rapid histochemical test for visually rating microscopic internal necrosis of potato tuber slices is described. In this test potato tuber slices are soaked in a nitrous acid reagent for three to five minutes followed by dipping in 5N KOH. A cherry-red color develops in and around the necrotic areas. The substances responsible for the reaction are(More)
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