Donald Greenberg

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When primitive parametric surfaces are combined and modified inferactively to form complex intersecting surfaces, it becomes important to find the curves of intersection. One must distinguish between finding the shape of the intersection curve, which might only be useful for display, and finding an accurate mathematical representation of the curve. The(More)
With the advent of devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, multi-touch applications are rapidly becoming commonplace. However, existing multi-touch sensors are not able to report which finger, or which hand, is responsible for each of the touches. To overcome this deficiency we introduce a multi-touch system that is capable of identifying the(More)
Input preprocessors have come to be recognized as important components of modern finite element programs. A method is described which utilizes interactive computer graphics digitizing techniques to create a powerful input preprocessor for finite element analysis. A limited number of general mesh generators based on linear blending functions permit the(More)
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