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This paper presents an neural network based approach to identify in real time faulty components found on industrial brushless exciters. A brushless exciter or " rotating rectifier " is a key component of a synchronous motor. Improper operation of this component can prove costly for the motor's owner. A method is based on Fourier analysis combined with the(More)
If the Clinton health care reform package becomes law, community mental health centers will face challenges similar to those recently encountered by centers in several states under new Medicaid initiatives to capitate payments for mental health care. The authors summarize experiences and research findings from centers in two states using two different(More)
The Center for Transportation Research at the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) supports the DOE by evaluating advanced automotive technologies in a systems context. ANL has developed a unique set of compatible simulation tools and test equipment to perform an integrated systems analysis project from modeling through hardware testing and validation. This(More)
OBJECTIVE Changes in the process of psychiatric care received by Medicaid beneficiaries with schizophrenia were examined after the introduction of capitated payments for enrollees of some community mental health centers (CMHCs) under the Utah Prepaid Mental Health Plan. METHODS Data from the medical records of 200 patients receiving care in CMHCs(More)
This article examines the effect of a mental health carve-out, the Utah Prepaid Mental Health Plan (UPMHP), on expenditures for mental health treatment and utilization of mental health services for Medicaid beneficiaries from July 1991 through December 1994. Three Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) provided mental health services to Medicaid(More)
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