Donald G. Irvine

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This study presents the clinical characteristics of 8 victims of multiple sclerosis from the hamlet of Henribourg, Saskatchewan with a population of less than 75 people. A diligent victim of the disease had observed that six female classmates from the early 1940's had later developed multiple sclerosis. Two male military personnel who had also resided(More)
A Father/Dad/Husband story of a 13 year Eating Disorder (AN) experience, pre-diagnosis, post diagnosis/pre/ post major relapse, into recovery. A father's story of what is it like to experience a 13 year old caring, loving, bubbly, confident, talented, high/achiev-ing & intelligent girl starting her teenage years transform into a 16 year old, struggling with(More)
—The quantitative shape–activity relationship (QShAR) methodology, based on accurate three-dimensional electron densities and detailed shape analysis methods, has been applied to a Lemna gibba photoinduced toxicity data set of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules. In the first phase of our studies, a shape fragment QShAR database of PAHs was(More)
President of the General Medical Council London Change and its impact Our professionalism is shaped and influenced by the context in which we work. First and foremost, medical knowledge and skill continue to expand in a geometric progression. So, in truth, we can only guess at what new discoveries lie ahead within the professional lifespan of young doctors(More)
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