Donald G Fitzpatrick

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BACKGROUND Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is widely used in clinics and research to measure body composition. However, the results of BIA validation with reference methods are contradictory, and few data are available on the influence of adiposity on the measurement of body composition by BIA. OBJECTIVE The goal was to determine the effects of sex(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is caused by the excessive accumulation of adipose tissue as a result of a chronic energy surplus. Little is known regarding the molecular mechanisms involved in the response to an energy surplus in human adipose tissue at the genomic level. OBJECTIVE The objective was to investigate changes in the transcriptome of abdominal(More)
A study was undertaken to evaluate the current use of autologous blood predonation within 3 weeks of reduction mammaplasty in our institution. A retrospective study of 153 consecutive patients undergoing reduction mammaplasty between April of 1987 and October of 1992 was analyzed. Nine patients were excluded because of inadequate data, leaving 81 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Visfatin is an insulin-mimicking adipokine. Visfatin is elevated in obesity and type 2 diabetes. However, its role in glucose and lipid metabolism in healthy humans is unclear. OBJECTIVE The objective was to investigate the correlations of visfatin with phenotypes of glucose, lipids, and body composition and the responses of visfatin to(More)
A potential problem with the standard method of skin closure in pediatric surgery is the development of a skin abscess. To avoid this problem, we introduce a new stitch--the L-stitch. The technique involves passing the suture subcuticularly at the end of the incision and redirecting the needle at a 90 degree angle from the previous suture, before bringing(More)
Maxillary orthopedic appliances have gained significant popularity in the treatment of infants with cleft lip and palate in the past 20 years. The principal objective of presurgical maxillary orthopedics is to reduce the size of the cleft and stabilize the maxillary platform, thereby facilitating early lip surgery (1). This is particularly true for patients(More)
Procedures to relieve airway obstruction in Pierre Robin sequence (PRS) include glossopexy, mandibular distraction, and tracheostomy. Previously, it has been suggested that the imbalance of the genioglossus insertion on the mandible could be responsible for the micrognathia, tongue elevation, and glossoptosis seen in PRS. We performed a retrospective study(More)
A simple technique for the localization of foreign bodies using a spring hook wire under computed tomographic (CT) guidance is described. The advantages of CT in detecting foreign bodies of near water density and in planning a surgical approach which avoids important anatomical structures are emphasized.
Four major burns (two flame, one scald, one electrical) were managed without administration of blood or plasma. Serial changes in hemoglobin, and serum albumin and total protein measurements were compared with those of controlled patients matched in age and total body surface area burned who were treated by standard methods. Hemoglobin values were lower but(More)
Some probable reasons behind the increasing occurrence of voltage escalations, arcing ground falls, and other phenomena that take place in the part of the distribution system containing motors and motor control are discussed. While this part of the typical power system is subject to the harmonic resonances and other voltage escalation phenomena occurring(More)