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The neurons in layer IV of the mouse somatosensory cortex are arranged in a remarkably consistent pattern of multicellular cytoarchitectonic units called "barrels." Each barrel is known to be related, in a one to one manner, to a contralateral whisker or vibrissa on the animal's face. In this study we have examined Golgi-impregnated neurons that comprise(More)
A central issue in the design of multiprocessor systems is the interconnection network which provides communications paths between the processors. For large systems, high bandwidth interconnection networks will require numerous 'network chips' with each chip implementing some subnetwork of the original larger network. Modularity and growth are important(More)
A new computer system organization and implementation is described and its application to problems in both clinical and research laboratory biomedical applications is outlined. This system, called a Conjoined Computer System to emphasize the idea of computer coordination, consists of a few storedprogram computers, each with a fixed assigned task, and(More)
A data base containing pertinent information about the components used in a design is a central part of all digital design aids systems. This paper outlines a data base that has been developed for accomodating a wide variety of integrated circuits (IC's) as well as discrete components. A detailed description of the file structure and access subroutines is(More)