Donald F. Caldwell

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The routers in an Autonomous System (AS) must distribute the information they learn about how to reach external destinations. Unfortunately, today's internal Border Gateway Protocol (iBGP) architectures have serious problems: a "full mesh" iBGP configuration does not scale to large networks and "route reflection" can introduce problems such as protocol(More)
We study the problem of compressing massive tables. We devise a novel compression paradigm—training for lossless compression— which assumes that the data exhibit dependencies that can be learned by examining a small amount of training material. We develop an experimental methodology to test the approach. Our result is a system, pzip, which outperforms gzip(More)
Human error in configuring routers undermines attempts to provide reliable, predictable end-to-end performance on IP networks. Manual configuration, while expensive and error-prone, is the dominant mode of operation, especially for large enterprise networks. These networks often lack the basic building blocks---an accurate equipment inventory, a debugged(More)
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