Donald F. Caldwell

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The routers in an Autonomous System (AS) must distribute the information they learn about how to reach external destinations. Unfortunately, today's internal Border Gateway Protocol (iBGP) architectures have serious problems: a "full mesh" iBGP configuration does not scale to large networks and "route reflection" can introduce problems such as protocol(More)
Human error in configuring routers undermines attempts to provide reliable, predictable end-to-end performance on IP networks. Manual configuration, while expensive and error-prone, is the dominant mode of operation, especially for large enterprise networks. These networks often lack the basic building blocks---an accurate equipment inventory, a debugged(More)
We study the problem of compressing massive tables. We devise a novel compression paradigm—training for lossless compression— which assumes that the data exhibit dependencies that can be learned by examining a small amount of training material. We develop an experimental methodology to test the approach. Our result is a system, pzip, which outperforms gzip(More)
Recent research has dealt with attempts to determine the possible presence of components unique to the EEG sleep patterns of psychotic patients. Liberson (1944, 1945) failed to discover significant abnormalities in the EEG sleep patterns of psychiatric patients, whereas DiazGuerrero et al. (1946), Lyketsos et al. (1953) and Hawkins et al. (1966) reported a(More)
Relations between sleep and memory were examined as a function of aging in rats. Sleep (24 hr), passive avoidance retention, and choline acetyltransferase (CAT) activity were assessed in 3 age-groups (6, 15, and 24 months old). Age-related alterations were evident in sleep, memory, and cortical and striatal CAT activity. Retention deficits in old rats were(More)
Albino rats required progressively more trials to reach a 90 percent avoidance criterion and achieved less mean total percent avoidance learning than saline injected controls following administration of increasing doses of LSD-25, phencyclidine and amobarbital. The psychotomimetics were effective in depressing acquisition in dosages demonstrated by others(More)