Donald E. Schmitz

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This paper describes the Chimera II Real-time Operating System, which has been developed for advanced sensor-based control applications. It has been designed as a local operating system, to be used in conjunction with a global operating system. It executes on one or more single board computers in a VMEbus-based system. Advanced sensor-based control systems(More)
This paper describes the CHIMERA II multiprocessing operating system, which has been developed to provide the flexibility, performance, and UNIX-compatible interface needed for fast development and implementation of parallel real-time control code. The operating system is intended for sensorbased control applications such as robotics, process control, and(More)
The CMU Direct Drive Arm II (DD II) is the second direct-drive arm designed and constructed at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. It is an electric 6 degree-of-freedom robot, in which all of the joints are of direct drive construction. Featuring high performance Samarium Cobalt magnet brushless DC motors and light weight aluminum(More)
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