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Impact ages of meteorites: A synthesis
— Isotopic ages of meteorites that indicate chronometer resetting due to impact heating are summarized. Most of the ages were obtained by the 39Ar-40Ar technique, but several Rb-Sr, Pb-Pb, and Sm-NdExpand
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Chronology, geochemistry, and petrology of a ferroan noritic anorthosite clast from Descartes breccia 67215: Clues to the age, origin, structure, and impact history of the lunar crust
The petrology, major and trace element geochemistry, and Nd-Ar-Sr isotopic compositions of a ferroan noritic anorthosite clast from lunar breccia 67215 have been studied in order to improve ourExpand
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39Ar-40Ar ages of eucrites and thermal history of asteroid 4 Vesta
Eucrite meteorites are igneous rocks that derived from a large asteroid, probably 4 Vesta. Past studies have shown that after most eucrites formed, they underwent metamorphism in temperatures up toExpand
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K–Ar ages of meteorites: Clues to parent-body thermal histories
Whereas most radiometric chronometers give formation ages of individual meteorites >4.5 Ga ago, the K–Ar chronometer rarely gives times of meteorite formation. Instead, K–Ar ages obtained by theExpand
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Chronology and petrogenesis of young achondrites, Shergotty, Zagami, and ALHA77005 - Late magmatism on a geologically active planet
A study was undertaken to determine the chronology, petrogenesis and relationships among the shergottites, Shergotty and Zagami and the unique achondrite ALHA77005. These meteorites are the productExpand
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Martian Gases in an Antarctic Meteorite?
Significant abundances of trapped argon, krypton, and xenon have been measured in shock-altered phases of the achondritic meteorite Elephant Moraine 79001 from Antarctica. The relative elementalExpand
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Argon-39-argon-40 “ages” and trapped argon in Martian shergottites, Chassigny, and Allan Hills 84001
Abstract— Argon-isotopic abundances were measured in neutron-irradiated samples of Martian meteorites Chassigny, Allan Hills (ALH) 84001, ALH 77005, Elephant Moraine (EET) 79001, Yamato (Y) 793605,Expand
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Mineralogy, petrology, chemistry, and 39Ar-40Ar and exposure ages of the Caddo County IAB iron: evidence for early partial melt segregation of a gabbro area rich in plagioclase-diopside
We describe coarse-grained gabbroic material rich in plagioclase and diopside in the Caddo County IAB iron meteorite. The gabbro is not a clast within a breccia, but rather is an area withExpand
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The SNC meteorites are from Mars
Abstract The 14 SNC meteorites are all igneous rocks, either basalts or basaltic cumulates. They are inferred to be from Mars, based on direct comparison with Martian materials and on consistencyExpand
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Isotopic composition of trapped and cosmogenic noble gases in several Martian meteorites
— Isotopic abundances of the noble gases were measured in the following Martian meteorites: two shock glass inclusions from Elephant Moraine (EET) 79001, shock vein glass from Shergotty and YamatoExpand
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