Donald D Fontaine

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An analysis of monitoring data on workers in Tianjin, China, reported a 9-fold increase in the production of benzene metabolites per unit exposure as air concentrations declined from 88.9 to 0.03 p.p.m. The increase is attributed to an enhanced efficiency of benzene metabolism at lower air concentrations. This finding, however, is not consistent with other(More)
The dose-response relationships for in vitro mutagenicity induced by methylmethanesulfonate (MMS) or methylnitrosourea (MNU) in L5178Y mouse lymphoma (ML) cells were examined. DNA adducts (N7-methylguanine, N7MeG and O(6)-methylguanine, O(6)MeG) were quantified as biomarkers of exposure. Both endpoints were assessed using 5replicates/dose (4-h treatment)(More)
Several statistical approaches were evaluated to identify an optimum method for determining a point of nonlinearity (PONL) in toxicokinetic data. (1) A second-order least squares regression model was fit iteratively starting with data from all doses. If the second order term was significant (α<0.05), the dataset was reevaluated with successive removal of(More)
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