Donald Carl Porter

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Human TP53 gene is characterised by a polymorphism at codon 72 leading to an Arginine-to-Proline (R/P) substitution. The two resulting p53 isoforms have a different subcellular localisation after stress (more nuclear or more mitochondrial for the P or R isoform, respectively). p53P72 variant is more efficient than p53R72 in inducing the expression of genes(More)
Two groups of mAbs reacting with external domains of a major sea urchin sperm membrane glycoprotein of 210 kD were isolated. Previous studies have shown that group I mAbs inhibit the acrosome reaction induced by egg jelly and also cause large increases in intracellular Ca2+ [( Ca2+]i). Group II mAbs, at comparable levels of cell surface binding, neither(More)
Cyclin E is a G 1 cyclin essential for G 1 to S-phase transition of the cell cycle with a profound role in oncogenesis. In tumor cells and tissues, cyclin E is overexpressed and present in its lower molecular weight (LMW) isoforms, and it can be used as a prognosticator for poor patient outcome. In this study, we have examined differences in the processing(More)
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