Donald Cameron

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A set of scenarios is a useful way to capture many aspects of the requirements of a system. Use Case Maps are a method for scenario capture which is good for describing multiple scenarios, including scenario interactions, for developing an architecture, and for analysing architectural alternatives. However once a component architecture is determined ,(More)
To evaluate the performance of a software design one must create a model of the software, together with the execution platform and configuration. Assuming that the "platform": (processors, networks, and operating systems) are specified by the designer, a good "configuration" (the allocation of tasks to processors, priorities, and other aspects of the(More)
The time it takes to develop telecommunication standards must be reduced to allow companies to get features to the market faster. In order to achieve this objective, a process based on the combination of a set of modeling techniques has been proposed by Nortel Networks in the context of the Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) standard development. This(More)
BACKGROUND Lack of adequate adjuvancy is a possible explanation for lack of vaccine immunogenecity. Immunostimulatory CpGs are potent vaccine adjuvants and may be an important component of the development vaccines, particularly those for which a cellular immune response is required for protection. We have previously demonstrated that CpG ODN(More)
β-Carotene supplements are often taken by individuals living with HIV-1. Contradictory results from in vitro studies suggest that β-carotene may inhibit or induce cytochrome P450 enzymes and transporters. The study objective was to investigate the effect of β-carotene on the steady-state pharmacokinetics of nelfinavir and its active metabolite M8 in HIV-1(More)
UNLABELLED Our patient had drainage of a large amoebic liver abscess. This got complicated by a severe degree of hypotension, which required aggressive fluid resuscitation and hydrocortisone support. Computerised tomography (CT) of the abdomen revealed bilateral adrenal gland haemorrhage (BAH) resulting in primary adrenal gland failure, which was the cause(More)
Synovial sarcoma accounts for about 10% of adult soft tissue sarcomas, with 80–90% located in the limbs. Gastrointestinal tract involvement is rare. Synovial sarcoma has a propensity for local recurrence and lung metastases, which can be delayed beyond 5 years. The t(X;18) translocation resulting in the expression of a SYT–SSX fusion protein is commonly(More)
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