Donald C. Spencer

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PURPOSE No study has directly compared the clinical features of depression for patients entering clinical trials using identical enrollment criteria at primary care (PC) and specialty care (SC) settings. The Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) study ( provides a unique opportunity to provide this comparison(More)
107 necessary conditions for P({E* # 0}) to be zero in terms of smoothness conditions on the paths of A'. Wschebor also considers the random field generalization of problem 3. In this case he uses his methods to obtain some very nice results of Leadbetter, Rootzen and Lindgren (1983). This monograph is a little deficient on references, such as the two(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a system for clinical performance improvement through rule-based analysis of medical practice patterns and individualized distribution of published scientific evidence. METHODS The Quality Feedback Expert System (QFES) was developed by applying a Level-5 expert system shell to generate clinical direct reports for performance(More)
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