Donald Brief

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Vascular injury or occlusion from intra-aortic balloon pumping (IABP) that results in actual or potential limb ischemia occurs more frequently than reported. In a series of 79 IABP patients, 36 lived long enough to have the balloon catheter removed; thirteen (36%) of them had vascular complications. The complications were in three patients with an injury at(More)
This is a case report of abdominal apoplexy (AA) or spontaneous rupture of a visceral vessel, without associated aneurysmal dilation of the vessel. Spontaneous rupture of the left gastroepiploic artery (LGEA) resulting in a hemoperitoneum is discussed. The clinical presentation of left lower quadrant abdominal pain, along with the histologic findings of(More)
Malignant aortic tumors occur infrequently. At least 70 cases of primary aortic malignancies have been reported in the literature. Within this group, chondrosarcoma is exceedingly rare, with only 1 case having been reported. An aortic chondrosarcoma developed in our patient and embolized to the small bowel and lower extremities. Although initially thought(More)
Two patients are described in whom saphenous vein grafts placed distal to the knee joint were "entrapped" by the medial gastrocnemius tendon. In one, the superficial position of the graft was detected by postoperative angiography. In the other, a true aneurysm of the vein graft developed over a 3 year period. The similarity between the iatrogenic and(More)
Crossover femorofemoral grafts continue to provide satisfactory long-term patency with low morbidity and mortality in the treatment of unilateral atherosclerotic iliac artery occlusion. In our series of patients, early failures were primarily a result of the inability to provide adequate runoff for the graft, and late failures were due to progressive(More)
Seventy-two patients with colon cancer were treated by primary subtotal colectomy, including 23 patients with acute and subacute left colon obstruction. There were two operative deaths and no cases of disabling diarrhea. One death occurred in the group with colon obstruction. Other indications for subtotal colectomy included multiple polyps associated with(More)