Donald B Slocum

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Patellar compression syndrome may be a manifestation of contraction of the lateral retinacular structures which consists largely of the lateral patellofemoral ligament producing a tethering action on the patella. This may produce parapatellar pain, particularly in activities requiring repetitive knee flexion. Minor patellofemoral incongruencies with pain,(More)
A simplified test for anterolateral rotary subluxation of the knee is largely based on the concepts described by Galway and McIntosh although performed in a different manner. The examiner places the right hand gently on the lateral side of the knee with the thumb overlying the posterior aspect of the fibula and the index finger palpating the anterolateral(More)
Cruciate ligament stents have been developed to severe as internal splints which provide excellent temporary stability while allowing full range of motion of the knee during postreconstruction rehabilitation. Forty-three patients with disabling chronic knee instability were treated at one center using similar reconstruction techniques with either the(More)