Donald Anderson Gardner

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The ability of listeners to distinguish between different arrangements of the same three vowels was investigated for repeating sequences having item durations ranging from 10 msec (single glottal pulses) up to several seconds/vowel. Discrimination was accomplished with ease by untrained subjects at all item durations. From 30 through 100 msec/vowel, an(More)
Over five weeks 136 out of 246 deliveries were studied. Maternal plasma sodium concentrations were normal at admission. At delivery no significant difference was found between maternal and infant cord plasma sodium concentrations. Twenty-four of the 41 mothers who had received only oral fluids during labour had infants whose cord plasma sodium(More)
Adaptive controllers allow robots to perform a wide variety of tasks, but the extensive computations required have generated an interest in developing decentralized adaptive controllers. Horner has designed an adaptive controller for a four-degree-of-freedom mobile robot and tested it through simulations. The study described in this thesis uses the(More)
Speech consists of a rapid succession of phonemes, and receptive aphasia has been attributed to an impairment in temporal acuity that interferes with the ability to discriminate between different arrangements of brief sounds. The present study reports evidence that aphasic listeners could distinguish between permuted orders of steady-state vowels occurring(More)
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