Donald A Johnston

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We review recent work in the lattice approach to random surfaces and quantum gravity. Our task is made somewhat easier by some very interesting results, particularly in four dimensions, that have appeared recently and which are reported elsewhere in these proceedings. Inevitably, given the scope of the review and the limitations of space, the presentation(More)
Bank robbery has been only partially examined in the psychiatric literature. It has been publicly considered an act of men of strong will to obtain money. According to the author's observations in a federal penitentiary, bank robbery more often is a symptomatic act with psychological meaning. The author describes several of the unconscious motives and(More)
Pursuant to Article 1 of the Convention signed in Paris on 14th December 1960, and which came into force on 30th September 1961, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shall promote policies designed: – to achieve the highest sustainable economic growth and employment and a rising standard of living in Member countries, while(More)
From a total pool of 1189 male and female patients with accident- (AC) and nonaccident- (NA) caused low back pain, 465 cases with completed therapy were studied for effectiveness of various chiropractic treatments. For those who completed therapy, the age distribution and incidence of this disorder were also studied. At the completion of the therapy, the(More)
Fatherhood is a turning point in the life of many men, but for fathers from fragile backgrounds, the birth of a premature child may be the catalyst for a fresh start. This case study details the experience of a young black man from a high-risk background during the pregnancy, birth, and hospitalization of his premature son. Fathers from backgrounds marked(More)
INTRODUCTION Aerosolized albuterol delivery is a mainstay treatment for bronchoconstriction; however, almost no data exist that evaluate the clinical outcome of instillation of an endotracheal liquid bolus (ELB) of a bronchodilator directly into the airway. METHODS This randomized trial sought to evaluate the efficacy of albuterol lavage via artificial(More)
Nurse leaders have a moral and professional obligation to be aware of and influence policy to promote health at local to national levels. As nurse leaders and concerned local residents, the authors engaged in changing the influence of a sexually-oriented business that was impacting the psychosocial health of local citizenry, especially children. Learning(More)
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