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DNA secondary structure plays an important role in biology, genotyping diagnostics, a variety of molecular biology techniques, in vitro-selected DNA catalysts, nanotechnology, and DNA-based computing. Accurate prediction of DNA secondary structure and hybridization using dynamic programming algorithms requires a database of thermodynamic parameters for(More)
The thermodynamic contributions of rA·dA, rC·dC, rG·dG and rU·dT single internal mismatches were measured for 54 RNA/DNA duplexes in a 1 M NaCl buffer using UV absorbance thermal denaturation. Thermodynamic parameters were obtained by fitting absorbance versus temperature profiles using the curve-fitting program Meltwin. The weighted average thermodynamic(More)
Supply chains are real world systems that transform raw materials and resources into end products that are consumed by customers. Supply chains encompass a series of steps that add value through time, place, and material transformation. Each manufacturer or distributor has some subset of the supply chain that it must manage and run profitably and(More)
ABSTACT This paper examines trends and technologies leading towards simulation-based enterprise applications. Component, internet and distributed computing technologies are presented as enablers of simulation-based enterprise applications. Examples are given of typical applications that can take advantage of distributed simulation components. The goal of(More)
College students were presented five questionnaires traditionally used to assess attitudes toward old people. The intercorrelations among the measures were low, accounting for no more than 24% of the variance between any two measures. The results suggest that the measures are not equivalent; it was argued that the practice of utilizing a single instrument(More)
This preliminary study compared the signs, symptoms and prevalence of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and candidal infections in women using spermicides, with those using other forms of contraception, to establish whether nonoxynol-9 had any therapeutic value against BV or gave rise to vaginal candidiasis and inflammation. Overall results showed that the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess premenopausal women with inflammatory changes on cervical cytology for genital infections and cervical abnormalities. DESIGN Prospective study of women attending general practice and family planning clinics who had a recent cervical cytology result with inflammatory changes. SETTING Department of genitourinary medicine. PATIENTS(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the current practice of smear taking in sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinics within the United Kingdom; what proportion of smears are taken within the national guidelines; whether clinics are screening women not covered by the national screening programme. To compare the abnormality rates of routine and opportunistic (that(More)
In a multicentre, prospective, randomised, placebo controlled study of 55 patients with histories of genital warts for at least one year, a four week course of inosine pranobex 3 g a day improved the clinical response to conventional treatment (primarily podophyllin or trichloroacetic (now called trichlorethanoic) acid). Although more patients given inosine(More)