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L. Markson and P. Bloom (1997) concluded that there was evidence against a dedicated system for word learning on the basis of their finding that children remembered a novel word and a novel fact equally well. However, a word-learning system involves more than recognition memory; it must also provide a means to guide the extension of words to additional(More)
The importance of actions, results, and instruments in verb concepts was examined in four studies. Study 1 investigated how children label familiar events for which instrument, action, and result verbs were appropriate labels. In Study 2, subjects were taught novel verbs and were asked to use these verbs to label events in which the instrument, action, or(More)
It is commonly believed that colour terms are acquired unusually slowly. However, several recent studies suggest that preschoolers have more colour term knowledge than previously believed. In two studies, we investigated the colour term knowledge of 49 two-year-olds and the influence of schooling on their colour term acquisition. Both studies revealed(More)
PURPOSE The determination of an acceptable occlusal plane is essential for the development of esthetic prosthodontic restorations. However, since most faces are not symmetric, a method was developed for measuring facial angular asymmetry, i.e., the divergence from the vertical or horizontal of the line joining the midpoint of the intercanthal line and the(More)
  • D Behrend, J Böhm, P Charlot, T Clark, B Corey, J Gipson +10 others
  • 2008
From October 2003 to Septem-ber 2005, the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) examined current and future requirements for geodetic VLBI, including all components from antennas to analysis. IVS Working Group 3 'VLBI 2010', which was tasked with this effort, concluded with recommendations for a new generation of VLBI systems. These(More)
  • L Cucurull, P Sedó, D Behrend, E Cardellach, A Rius
  • 2002
The processing of the Global Positioning System (GPS) observables is regularly performed using some " a priori " standard meteorological values. These can be very unrealistic if only few observations are available since the actual atmospheric conditions over the geodetic network are neglected. This seems to be the case of randomly moving GPS receivers far(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Most faces are not symmetrical, and this complicates the task of aligning the anterior segment of the teeth for the restorative dentist, orthodontist, or oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The dental literature provides conflicting advice regarding guidelines for aligning the anterior teeth. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to(More)
  • W Schlüter, D Behrend, E Himwich, A Nothnagel, A Niell, A Whitney
  • 2006
VLBI provides highly accurate and unique products for the realization and maintenance of the celestial and terrestrial reference frames, ICRF and ITRF, as well as for the Earth Orientation Parameters. In 2001 the products were reviewed with respect to obtaining highest accuracy and to improving the observing sessions in order to make best use of the(More)