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Two experiments compared the predictions of mental-models theory with a mental-logic theory. Results show that people do not make fallacious inferences predicted by mental-models theory but not predicted by mental-logic theory and that people routinely make many valid inferences predicted by mental-logic theory that should be too difficult on mental-models(More)
Agile development methods are growing in popularity with a recent survey reporting that more than 80% of organizations now following an agile approach. Agile methods were seen initially as best suited to small, co-located teams developing non-critical systems. The first two constraining characteristics (small and co-located teams) have been addressed as(More)
Previous analyses of immunoglobulin V region promoters has led to the discovery of a common octamer motif which is functionally important in the tissue-specific and developmentally regulated transcriptional activation of immunoglobulin genes. The germline promoters (Ko) located upstream of the J region gene segments of the kappa locus also contain an(More)
The previous literature has reported that when children are asked to judge the truth or falsity of universally quantified conditional sentences of the form If a thing is P then it is Q they typically give responses, e.g., responding "true" whenever there is a case of P and Q even if there are also cases of P and not-Q. Three experiments are reported that(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) is important in resistance to various microorganisms and provides signals to the target cells through two different receptors, TNF-alpha receptor I (TNFRI) (p55 receptor) and TNFRII (p75 receptor). To delineate the significance of the two different signaling pathways in resisting infections with extracellular(More)
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