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Cultural Discourse Analysis: Communication Practices and Intercultural Encounters
The field of intercultural communication has been criticized for failing to produce studies which focus on actual practices of communication, especially of intercultural encounters. Of particularExpand
“Just listen”: “Listening” and landscape among the blackfeet
This ethnographic narrative explores “listening” as a cultural form of communication. The investigation examines both linguistic references to this form and its actual nonverbal enactment amongExpand
Talking American: Cultural Discourses on Donahue
This study explores cultural features in communication and examines language in use by studying the talk within a prominent cultural event, the DONAHUE show. First, the study provides a detailedExpand
Quoting “the Environment”: Touchstones on Earth
This essay reflects upon the purposes of studying environmental communication by focusing on the variety of ways we quote “the environment” in our studies. Special attention is given to balancing theExpand
Ethnography of Communication
Coding Personhood Through Cultural Terms and Practices
All known languages include within them terms and phrases that describe communicative action specifically and pragmatic action generally. A special subclass of those terms identifies ways of speakingExpand
Cultural Discourses of Dwelling: Investigating Environmental Communication as a Place-based Practice
In this essay, we contribute a response to intellectual and practical problems by presenting a perspective on environmental communication that is reflexively grounded in place. The perspective isExpand