Dona Tversky

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In this paper, we describe an embodied conversational kiosk that builds on research in embodied conversational agents (ECAs) and on information displays in mixed reality and kiosk format in order to display spatial intelligence. ECAs leverage people’s abilities to coordinate information displayed in multiple modalities, particularly information conveyed in(More)
This article examines how linguistic interaction patterns changed over time among a geographically and ethnically diverse group of young people in an online virtual community, the Junior Summit '98 online youth forum. The tools of word frequency and content analyses are paired with evidence from post-hoc interviews. Results demonstrate the ways in which(More)
This study examines the JUNIOR SUMMIT online community, which consisted of 3,062 adolescents representing 139 countries, varying SES, and a range of experience with computers. The online forum culminated in the election of 100 delegates. By analyzing the messages posted before results of the election were announced, we explore whether language use predicts(More)
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