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To determine if a stereotype of the "typical stutterer" exists and to identify possible differences in that sterotype due to exposure to stuttering, seven groups of subjects having a wide range of possible exposure to stutterers rated four hypothetical concepts (typical eight-year-old male, typical eight-year-old male stutterer, typical adult male, and(More)
With the development of digital image collections, comes the opportunity to capture and manipulate captured object information not previously available with photographic methods. With this advantage, however, come a host of choices beyond selection of image capture hardware, and acquisition software. In establishing imaging practice for a particular(More)
Pica is a dangerous form of self-injurious behavior that occurs in people with developmental disabilities who are institutionalized. Studies also indicate that pica has led to the death of people with developmental disabilities. While a number of published studies have demonstrated that pica behavior can be decreased substantially with behavioral treatment,(More)
The utility of digital over traditional imaging methods in terms of data delivery, access, and manipulation are undeniable and well recognized. Data literacy in such digital matters is well established. What is not yet developed, but slowly emerging, is an accompanying image literacy; the ability to measure, test, and visually recognize good images from bad(More)
The MSN User Experience Team developed new user-centered methods to provide structured user input on the visual design of the newly-released MSN Explorer, an integrated software package. In the final product, users rated "appearance" above all of the product's features. This case describes how the MSN User Experience Team derived a design direction to set(More)
The domestication of the aurochs took place approximately 10,000 years ago giving rise to the two main types of domestic cattle known today, taurine (Bos taurus) domesticated somewhere on or near the Fertile Crescent, and indicine (Bos indicus) domesticated in the Indus Valley. However, although cattle have historically played a prominent role in human(More)
Sixty-five mildly to moderately mentally retarded adults from institutional and community placements in Louisiana and Texas with DSM diagnoses of schizophrenia, depression, or no psychopathology were recruited. The primary goal was to establish the validity of the PIMRA's schizophrenic subscale for diagnosing mentally retarded adults. In addition, validity(More)
Predictions derived from cognitive consistency theories, self-esteem theories, and ego-serving-bias theory concerning how students would make attributional and affective responses to their academic performance were investigated. 202 university students completed a measure of self-acceptance of their college ability and made attributional and affective(More)
One of the first and iconic imaging targets to be developed for color photography was described by McCamy, Marcus, and Davidson. That was more than thirty years ago and, for better or for worse, the Macbeth ColorChecker™ continues to be a de-facto target standard in imaging circles. The target was designed to simulate the spectral nature of critical or(More)