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The humoral and genital secretory immune response to chronic SIV infection was compared between female Rhesus macaques inoculated by i.v. or intravaginal routes. Total IgG levels in serum were 10-fold higher in SIV-infected animals when compared with uninfected controls. Vaginal washes from normal macaques contained predominantly IgA and IgG, while those(More)
A pilot test implemented a radio frequency identification (RFID) system to automatically measure travel times of US-bound commercial vehicles at a selected Port of Entry (POE) on the US‒ Mexico border under long-term, real-world conditions. The initiative began with a Part 1 technology trade-off study of potential detection technologies to measure travel(More)
mance measures (KPMs). Dashboards have made their way into the transportation arena as a way to show progress of projects, traveler information systems, and congestion monitoring. Some examples of recent dashboards in the transportation arena are briefly reviewed in this section. Freeway travel times Dashboard for nevada Region The freeway and arterial(More)
This study has assessed T cell subsets according to the expression of CD4 and CD8 and the isotype of surface Ig+ (sIg+) B cells and plasma cells in mononuclear cells (MC) isolated from mucosa-associated tissues of rhesus macaques in comparison to lymphoid cells from systemic tissues, i.e., spleen and peripheral lymph nodes (PLN). Using enzymatic and/or(More)
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