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This study investigates whether models of forward-looking behavior explain the observed patterns of heavy drinking and smoking of men in late middle age in the Health and Retirement Study better than myopic models. We develop and estimate a sequence of nested models which differ by their degree of forward-looking behavior. Our empirical findings suggest(More)
Should works resulting from research that has been substantially subsidized by the United States Federal Government be protected by copyright, or immediately enter the public domain? The Public Access to Science Act (PASA) would place these works in the public domain in the same manner as works prepared by government employees. This paper evaluates the(More)
Small-area analysis has become an important tool in the effective targeting of limited public health resources. In California, new funding for teenage pregnancy prevention programs required more and better information to justify the allocation of these funds to areas with the greatest need. Consequently, these funds were allocated using maps with census(More)
All children in Georgia deserve a high quality of library service whether they live in a small town, a large city, a metropolitan area, a rural area, the suburbs, or inner city. To provide guidance toward consistency and excellence in children's services throughout the state, the Georgia Children's Quadrant Council and librarians from systems all over the(More)
This paper presents the results of an effort aimed at identifying significant research issues related to the handling and preparation of flat mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS). We present a summary of the work including a brief problem statement, a review of existing literature, and the results of fact-finding visits to a number of printers,(More)