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Outwardly directed ionic currents have been measured leaving skin wounds in vivo. These currents generate physiologic electric fields of approximately 100 mV/mm, which may function to direct keratinocyte migration toward the healing wound. We investigated whether the substrate on which the keratinocyte migrates modulates the galvanotactic response to an(More)
With the increase in cost and resources constraints experienced by many tertiary institutions globally, the pressure to find alternative methods to deliver teaching and assessment increases. Whilst mindful of the learning experience of the individual, the need to manage the numbers, resources and assessment provide an administrative overhead and headache to(More)
If sufficient attention is not paid to the information models on which Learning Platforms are based the ability to deliver rich functionality is hindered. This paper describes the issues and records the experiences of the Cecil development in confronting this and the benefits that have been gained. This system, which has been evolving for 7 years, has been(More)
The increasing complexities of modern networks coupled with the popularity of multimedia applications have placed higher demands on network managers. This paper reviews the main requirements and challenges for effective management of multimedia networks, presents a case study of a thin-client based multimedia system called CSL (Computer-supported Learning(More)
National and international standards for professional groups may become a dominant and governing force as internet-based professional training becomes universally accepted. Educators and trainers will be expected to demonstrate the relevancy of their programmes in the context of bodies of knowledge that have a wide acceptance. Universities will feel the(More)