Don Schauder

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A number of models have been used in the past two decades to assist firms to identify ways that they can use information technology (IT) to add value to their products and services. This paper examines the concept of using IT to add value to products and services and looks at a number of different models that have been used to achieve this. An analysis of(More)
Many studies done in the study of usability and heuristic evaluations have evolved around the use of scenarii. In our study, we aim to define usability attributes using research on scenario-based design methodologies as well as classical heuristic evaluation theories – specifically for hypermedia objects. We then apply these principles on a digital portal(More)
Examining communities in all their meanings, the paper locates User-Centred Design (UCD) in the amplified scope of approaches to Information Systems Design (ISD). Culture in communities is explained in structurational terms, in which human action and social structure (including ICT) interact to produce and reproduce the social patterning that both supports(More)
This paper provides a first account of 1 the Building the Internet Workforce project. A number of further papers are planned. An outline of the project's progress and outcomes is provided and the WEBWORKFORCE Learning Repository, a major deliverable of the project, is described. Theoretical perspectives about learning objects and their reuse, storage and(More)
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