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With up to 65,536 compute nodes and a peak performance of more than 360 teraflops, the Blue Genet/L (BG/L) supercomputer represents a new level of massively parallel systems. The system software stack for BG/L creates a programming and operating environment that harnesses the raw power of this architecture with great effectiveness. The design and(More)
The relationship between social cognition (i.e., cognition for social stimuli) and ward behavior among individuals with chronic schizophrenia was investigated. Twenty-seven inpatients completed a battery of cognitive and social-cognitive tasks and were rated by staff on various indices of ward behavior. Overall, there was a relationship between the measures(More)
Ninety subjects with severe and disabling psychiatric conditions, predominantly schizophrenia, participated in a controlled-outcome trial of the cognitive component of Integrated Psychological Therapy (IPT), a group-therapy modality intended to reestablish basic neurocognitive functions. The cognitive therapy was delivered to subjects in the experimental(More)
A survey of 65 ethnically diverse women at 2 outpatient HIV clinics revealed relatively low rates of disclosure of HIV-positive serostatus to extended family members, somewhat higher rates for immediate family members, and highest rates for lovers and friends. Spanish-speaking Latinas were less likely to disclose their serostatus or to discuss HIV-related(More)
Research in psychopathology and the cognitive neurosciences suggests new applications in psychiatric rehabilitation. Analysis of performance deficits on laboratory tasks can contribute to treatment planning, individual and family counseling, and staff consultation, much like it does in cases of brain injury and other types of central nervous system(More)
In this study we tested relations among personality characteristics, social network properties, and perceived social support both concurrently and prospectively. A sample of 294 men in treatment at a Department of Veterans Affairs Alcohol Treatment Unit was assessed during treatment and 3 months after discharge. Results of the cross-sectional structural(More)
We reviewed 46 published reports associating cigarette smoking and Parkinson's disease. Although the majority indicated an approximate halving of smoking frequency in persons with Parkinson's disease, many observers have suggested that the effect could be a spurious result. That the association may be real is suggested by at least six observations: (1) the(More)
The relationship between social competence and information processing among individuals with chronic schizophrenia was investigated. Thirty-eight inpatients participated in a role play test of social competence and completed a battery of information-processing tasks. Information processing was found to be significantly related to social competence, even(More)
This article reviews three studies investigating the relationship between information processing and social functioning in schizophrenia. The most consistent finding is the association between vigilance performance on a hybrid continuous performance/span of apprehension task and various indices of social functioning (e.g., ward behavior). However, the(More)
This study investigated whether the commonly observed higher prevalence of physical disability among women is due to higher incidence rates or to other factors such as selective mortality or poor recovery. Methods included observed measures of prevalent lower body physical disability and potential risk factors at baseline (1989-1991) and 4-year follow-up of(More)