Don Ranney

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This study investigated the hypothesis that the duration of aerobic-based cycle exercise would affect the adaptations in substrate and metabolic regulation that occur in vastus lateralis in response to a short-term (10 day) training program. Healthy active but untrained males (n = 7) with a peak aerobic power ( $$ \dot{V}{\text{O}}_{{ 2 {\text{ peak}}}} $$(More)
This study aimed at investigating the relative roles of the duration versus intensity of exercise on the metabolic adaptations in vastus lateralis to short-term (10 day) aerobic-based cycle training. Healthy males with a peak aerobic power ( $$ {\dot{\text{V}}\text{O}}_{{ 2 {\text{peak}}}} $$ ) of 46.0 ± 2.0 ml kg−1 min−1 were assigned to either a 30-min (n(More)
Gordon Waddell's "Nonorganic Signs," published in 1980, indicates psychosocial factors that predict an unsuccessful surgical outcome for lumbar discectomy. Since then, they have been used by many to"prove" there is nothing physically wrong with such people, regardless of the site of injury, and even suggest they are faking. Although this was never Waddell's(More)
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