Don N. Pope

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The impact of foraging byMonochamus titillator (Fab.) on within-tree populations ofDendroctonus frontalis Zimm. was described. Total population estimates forD. frontalis and inner bark area foraged byM. titillator were computed for 89 loblolly pine,Pinus taeda L., sampled over a 3 year period. Frequency histograms were prepared for the surface area of(More)
We have presented two transfer functions for allocating populations ofD. frontals adults in spots: a fixed probabilityTF and a time-temperature dependentTF. Both procedures produced essentially equivalent results when applied to actual population measurements taken from spots. The time-temperatureTF was more realistic than the constant probabilityTF, but(More)
Infestations ofDendroctonus frontalis Zimm. are often observed to enlarge continuously by the colonization of new hosts in a pattern similar to a forest fire. This pattern of infestation growth presents unique problems in quantitatively estimating populations ofD. frontalis. Beetle populations on each infested tree in an infestation go through five(More)
The authors acknowledge the financial support for this research made available by the Lean Aircraft Initiative at MIT sponsored jointly by the US Air Force and a consortium of aerospace companies. All facts, statements, opinions, and conclusions expressed herein are solely those of the authors and do not in any way reflect those of the Lean Aircraft(More)
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