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Data from two studies were analyzed to quantify intraindividual variability and reliability in running economy (RE) and mechanics. Following 30-60 min of treadmill accommodation, stride-to-stride and day-to-day biomechanical stability were assessed in 31 male runners (studies 1 and 2) who performed two level treadmill runs (3.33 m.s-1) at the same time of(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the association between nine measures of limb and trunk flexibility and running economy. Within a week prior to running economy assessment, and after 10 min of jogging at 3.13 m.s-1, 19 well-trained male sub-elite distance runners underwent two complete sets of lower limb and trunk flexibility assessments. Runners(More)
To assess whether distance runners displaying uneconomical freely chosen step lengths (FCSL) could be trained to shift FCSL toward a more optimal setting, six males and three females who exhibited uneconomical FCSL [mean optimal step length (OSL) = -9.81% of leg length from FCSL; mean change in oxygen uptake (VO2) (FCSL - OSL) = 1.46 ml.kg-1.min-1](More)
It has been suggested that biomechanical factors play a role in explaining interindividual differences in movement economy, but it is not apparent how important this role is nor how consistently these factors explain such differences. The purpose of this review is to summarize our current state of knowledge regarding the relationships between gait economy(More)
Exercise prescription principles for persons without chronic disease and/or disability are based on well developed scientific information. While there are varied objectives for being physically active, including enhancing physical fitness, promoting health by reducing the risk for chronic disease and ensuring safety during exercise participation, the(More)
Medical records of 42 pretrial detainees charged with stalking in South Carolina from January 1992 to January 1996 were reviewed. The group was divided into 22 nonviolent and 20 violent stalkers. Stalkers were classified as violent if they had associated charges involving bodily harm to their victims or if they met the criteria for South Carolina's legal(More)
We examine the determinants of congressional voting behavior on two of the most signi…-…nd evidence that constituent interests and special interests in ‡uence voting patterns during the crisis. Representatives from districts experiencing an increase in mortgage default rates are signi…cantly more likely to vote in favor of the AHRFPA. They are precise in(More)
This study compares three groups of murderers: those who have received a death sentence (n = 18), those who were eligible to receive a death sentence but did not have it sought against them (n = 18), and those who were not eligible for the death penalty (n = 18). A retrospective record review of these 54 pretrial detainees in South Carolina who underwent(More)
Following treadmill accommodation and a 3-day period of tapered running, ten well-trained male distance runners [x maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) = 71.3 ml.kg-1.min-1] performed two 10-min level treadmill runs designed to assess running economy at 90% VO2max. Video recordings were obtained during the last minute of each run to quantify selected gait(More)