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BACKGROUND A number of prognostic factors for thyroid carcinoma have been identified, including sociodemographic characteristics, such as age and gender, and tumor characteristics, such as histology and stage. The relative importance of these factors as independent predictors of survival for patients with papillary, follicular, anaplastic, and medullary(More)
The charts of 480 patients with secondary bacterial peritonitis were reviewed. The antibiotics used were compared with the culture and sensitivity data obtained at surgery, and the outcomes of patients were evaluated. Patients treated with a single broad-spectrum antibiotic had a better outcome than patients treated with multiple drug treatment. Inadequate(More)
Esophageal perforation remains a difficult diagnostic and management problem. Recommendations regarding treatment remain controversial. A 15-year experience with perforation of the esophagus from all causes was reviewed at Louisiana State University and Veterans Administration, Medical Centers (Shreveport, LA). The majority of the injuries involved the(More)
In a series of 80 colostomy closures, a total complication rate of 26 per cent was found, with a wound infection rate of 14 per cent and an anastomotic leak rate of four per cent. Patients having preoperative systemic antibiotics had fewer wound infections than those who did not (eight per cent versus 19 per cent). Delayed primary skin closure or closure by(More)
Anastomotic leak is the main complication after Whipple procedures. We reviewed retrospectively our experience with pancreatic cancer patients treated with Whipple resection and reconstruction with a pancreaticogastrostomy (PG) or a pancreaticojejunostomy (PJ). Ten patients operated between 1966 and 1990 composed the PJ group. Eight patients operated(More)
We retrospectively reviewed 70 cases of perforated appendicitis in children to examine the relationship between postoperative antibiotic selection and culture results from the peritoneal cavity. Initial antibiotic therapy chosen for the children consisted of a three-drug combination in 54 (77%) patients. Peritoneal cultures were performed in 58 (83%)(More)
Eight patients with sciatic nerve and sacral plexus nerve sheath tumors, seen at Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport, are presented. These cases illustrate the broad spectrum of pathology and modes of presentation of patients with nerve sheath tumors in this region. Patients can be divided into 4 groups. Group I includes subgluteal(More)
We have treated six patients with cancer metastatic to the hand. All patients died within 6 months after the appearance of hand metastasis. We polled the combined membership of the American Association for Surgery of the Hand and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand to determine their experience with this problem. We also reviewed the pertinent(More)