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Large White turkey hens were assigned to two groups of 30 birds each and photostimulated at 32 weeks of age. Group 1 hens (nonlaying) were artificially inseminated (AI) three times prior to the onset of lay on Days 14, 15, and 16 postlighting. Group 2 hens (laying) were also inseminated three times as in Group 1, but the inseminations followed the onset of(More)
A comparison between initial inseminations of Large White turkey hens prior to or after onset of egg production was undertaken to determine the effect on fertility. Semen from Bronze toms was utilized for the initial inseminations whereas all subsequent inseminations utilized White sires. After 10 weeks there were no significant differences between(More)
1. The incidence of microscopically detectable degenerative characteristics in 5 skeletal muscles (m. pectoralis thoracicus, m. supracoracoideus, m. biceps femoris, m. semitendinosus, m. femorotibialis medius) of turkeys was investigated. 2. Samples were obtained from 30 Large White turkey males 14, 16 and 18 weeks old. Hyaline degeneration, infiltration of(More)
The morphology and histochemistry of oedematous and apparently normal turkey muscle were compared. Alterations in structural morphology were observed in the majority of the oedematous muscles and in about half the control muscles. Both the pectoralis thoracicus and biceps femoris were affected, with the former to a slightly greater extent. Histological(More)
Large White turkey hens were used to observe fertility through a 20-week laying cycle (31 to 51 weeks of age), following early initial inseminations (EI) and late initial inseminations (LI). Early initial inseminations were made on Days 13 and 15 following photostimulation with subsequent artificial insemination (AI) every 7 (EI + 7) or 14 (EI + 14) days.(More)
In this paper we introduce an innovative application designed to make collaborative design review in the architectural and automotive domain more effective. For this purpose we present a system architecture which combines a variety of visualization technologies such as high resolution multi-tile displays, TabletPCs and head-mounted displays with innovative(More)