Don McConnell

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BACKGROUND There is controversy about which children with minor head injury need to undergo computed tomography (CT). We aimed to develop a highly sensitive clinical decision rule for the use of CT in children with minor head injury. METHODS For this multicentre cohort study, we enrolled consecutive children with blunt head trauma presenting with a score(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the utilization rates of CT scans in investigating minor head trauma in children in Canada, to identify the injuries determined by these scans, and to identify clinical findings that are highly associated with its diagnosis and the injury itself. METHODS A retrospective cohort study involving nine pediatric hospitals in Canada was(More)
We used a Tc-99m-labeled hepatobiliary agent to measure the partition of hepatic bile between gallbladder and intestine in sixteen normal patients and nine patients with cholelithiasis. In normal subjects, the fractions of the hepatic bile that flow into the gallbladder and the small intestine were widely variable, with mean values of 69 +/- 7% (s.e.) and(More)
Evaluation of the movement response to posteroanterior (PA) loads applied to the spinous processes is a recognized part of the physical examination of the thoracic spine. During this clinical procedure the thoracic spine is supported by the ribcage which may contribute to the movement response. However, the contribution of ribcage stiffness to the PA(More)
Listernick 2 0 2 ORT (persistent vomiting) -Dehydrated at 12 hrs -Inadequate oral intake due to vomiting or refusal to drink < 5 days increased frequency or more liquid consistency; stool takes shape of container Mackenzie 2 5 ORT (2 septicaemia, 1 UTI, 1 duodenal ulcer, 1 parental request) 2 IVT (intussusception) 2 ORT (persistent vomiting) -Persistent(More)
Infantile-onset Krabbe disease results from a deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme galactocerebrosidase and leads to death from profound central and peripheral demyelination. Neonatal hematopoietic cell transplantation may result in near-normal cognitive development and partial rescue of gross motor development. The long-term course of the disorder for(More)