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Tactile maps and diagrams need to be carefully designed in order to be readable by the visually impaired user. In the Tactile Inkjet Mapping Project, we attempt to provide a new orientation for tactile map design through a rigorous programme of experimental research on design issues (cognitive tactualisation approach). In this paper, we discuss three of our(More)
Accurate and precise estimates of numbers of animals are vitally needed both to assess population status and to evaluate management decisions. Various methods exist for counting birds, but most of those used with territorial landbirds yield only indices, not true estimates of population size. The need for valid density estimates has spawned a number of(More)
A process error model developed by White and Brisbin (1980) is used frequently for estimation of the parameters of the Richards sigmoid growth function. The Richards function includes a parameter, m, that describes the shape of familiar three-parameter functions, such as the monomolecular (m = 0), von Bertalanffy (m = 2/3), Gompertz (m----1) and logistic m(More)
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