Don M. Boroson

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—Optimal joint detection for interfering (nonorthog-onal) users in a multiple access communication system has, in general, a computational complexity that is exponential in the number of users. For this reason, optimal joint detection has been thought to be impractical for large numbers of users. A number of suboptimal low-complexity joint detectors have(More)
  • William R Davis, Bernard B Kosicki, Don M Boroson, Daniel F Kostishack
  • 1999
s We present a study of micro air vehicles (MAVs) with wingspans of 7.4 to 15 cm. Potential applications for MAVs, both military and civilian, are numerous. For most military applications, MAVs would be controlled by local users, operating covertly, to supply real-time data. This article focuses on a military surveillance application that uses either(More)
This paper addresses the problem of uncoded multiple access (MA) joint detection for the case in which user signatures are linearly dependent. The linearly dependent scenario would occur when the number of users in a communication system is increased beyond the dimension of the signal space available for transmission. This "over-saturating" of the signal(More)
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