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Contemporary shells provide minimal control (starting, stopping, etc) over programs, leaving interaction up to users. This means that you cannot run some programs non-interactively, such as passwd. Some programs can be run noninteractively but only with a loss of flexibility, such as fsck. This is where the toolbuilding philosophy of UNIX begins to break(More)
UNIX programs used to be designed so that they could be connected with pipes created by a shell. This paradigm is insufficient when dealing with many modern programs that demand to be used interactively. expect is a program designed to control interactive programs. expect reads a script that resembles the dialogue itself but which may include multiple paths(More)
The NIST EXPRESS Toolkit is a software library for building EXPRESS-related tools. This paper gives an introduction, overview, and history of the toolkit. This paper also describes how to get more information on the toolkit. No knowledge of EXPRESS or the EXPRESS Toolkit is presumed other than a rudimentary grasp of basic computer science.
CGI scripts enable dynamic generation of HTML pages. This paper describes how to write CGI scripts using Tcl. Many people use Tcl for this purpose already but in an ad hoc way and without realizing many of the more nonobvious benefits. T h i s paper reviews these benefits and provides a framework and examples. Canonical solutions to HTh4L quoting problems(More)
Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications. Expect was constructed using Tcl, a language library designed to be embedded into applications. This paper describes experiences with Expect and Tcl over a seven year period. These experiences may help other extension designers as well as the Tcl developers or developers of any other extension(More)
Tcl is a language specifically intended for generic application control. By using it, application programmers escape the dilemma of whether to design sophisticated application-specific languages or whether to build tools more quickly but that are limited in flexibility. Tcl is easy for application programmers to use, however, up to now, there has been no(More)