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There are several good papers out there about automating the creation of SAS® axes (Dorothy E. Pugh 2000, Don Li 2003, Rick Edwards 2012). These papers are written with classic SAS/GRAPH in mind. But, with the rise of ODS Graphics and the corresponding much improved axes, one might reasonably ask the question, "Do we even need axis macros anymore?" While I(More)
If a bar suddenly appears between 2 squares after 1 of the squares flashes the bar appears to shoot away from the flashed square toward the other. This occurs despite the bar actually having been presented all at once. This illusory motion is sufficiently strong to cancel real motion drawn in the opposite direction. One explanation for the illusion in these(More)
Catania's Operant Reserve (COR; Catania, 2005) is a computational model of operant behaviour. In COR, responding depletes the reserve while reinforcement replenishes the reserve. The replenishment to the reserve depends on the location of responses within the most recent inter-reinforcement interval. The rule that maps replenishment to the responses within(More)
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